Innovative Spirit Alive at CCC

Those of you who have lived in or around Cleveland County for many years probably remember when Cleveland Community College was Cleveland Technical College (Cleveland Tech to most of us). You may assume that programs and offerings inside the College are pretty much the same as they were when it was Cleveland Tech. That assumption would be wrong.

Student poses with training equipment in the Information Technology program.CCC has experienced many changes during its 50 years of educating the community. Of course, the most obvious changes have been to the campus with the addition of new buildings and facilities. Perhaps less obvious but just as important has been CCC’s innovative spirit, responding to industry needs with new programs and providing for the needs of students, faculty and staff through technology.

  • Machining and Robotics Academies (16-week, fast-track programs) were created to meet a need for technicians at local companies.
  • Mission Critical Operations degree and certificate programs developed in response to a growing need for workers who know how to keep facilities and computer networks operating 24/7.
  • The use of Samsung Cloud displays allow students easy access to classroom software from any Cloud display on campus.
  • CCC recently remodeled an area in the Jack Hunt Campus Center to create a Data Center and high-tech classroom to better train students for successful careers in the growing field of mission critical operations.
  • A 3D printer, welding simulator, fire training simulators, and online courses are a few other examples of how CCC uses technology to educate and train its students.

CCC was recognized for its innovative use of technology by the 2015-2016 Digital Community Colleges Survey. The College ranks seventh in the nation among community colleges of similar size. The annual survey, now in its eleventh year, examines how community colleges across the country use different technologies to improve services for students, faculty, staff and the community.

At CCC, staff and faculty are dedicated to providing their students with the best possible education and training experience.

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Time for New Beginnings

Welcome to fall semester 2016 at CCC!

Whether you are a returning student or brand new to the college experience, we hope this semester will be a positive and successful time for you.The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.

By enrolling in college you have taken the first and perhaps most important step toward creating a bright future for yourself.

This is your journey, and the quality of it is up to you. You will get out of it what you put into it. Make the most of it!

While welcoming you back to CCC, we also want to welcome you back to our blog. We plan to post at least once a week to share information we hope you find interesting and useful.

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