CCC’s Nursing Programs Rank Third Among NC Community Colleges

Cleveland Community College is proud to announce its rankings on’s Best Nursing Schools® Best in the Eastern Region.

CCC ranked third among North Carolina community colleges, 13 among all NC nursing schools and 112 in the Eastern Region of the United States.

“We set out to find the all-around best nursing schools in each region of the United States. We took 19 metrics and put them into five categories that we felt were both quantifiable and important: quality, affordability, convenience, satisfaction, and value,” according to determined the rankings by evaluating 1,189 nursing schools. They included two-year and four-year programs at both public and private schools. Within each of the five categories, points were awarded for meeting a set of metrics. For example, under quality schools received points based on the highest type of degree offered. CCC, which offers an associate degree, received two points while schools that offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees received up to five points.

“As a two-year college that gets no points for bachelor, masters, or doctoral programs, we are excited to rank so high,” said Dr. L. Steve Thornburg, CCC’s president. “We are committed to offering high quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare programs.”

Other criteria examined included tuition and fees, the amount of financial aid awarded to students, distance education options, first-to-second year retention rates, graduation rates, and passing rates on the National Council Licensure Examination.

CCC’s rankings place it in the top five percent of North Carolina community college schools of nursing, the top 15 percent overall among North Carolina schools of nursing, and the top 10 percent in the East.

Congratulations to all of our faculty in the nursing programs. These rankings are a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of our faculty to help our nursing students succeed.

See the entire list of rankings here:

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