NC Thermal Imaging School Coming to Cleveland Community College

(Shelby, NC) – The North Carolina Thermal Imaging School will be held at the Brown Emergency Training Center on the campus of Cleveland Community College October 24-26. Nearly 20 years ago, the military developed and used thermal imaging to restore valuable sight to their battlefields. Today, the fire service relies on the same technology for us on the fire ground.

The NC Thermal Imaging School is an advanced, interactive school designed to train firefighters on the technology, uses, and limitations of thermal imaging cameras. Emergency Training Center Coordinator Jimmy Hensley says students from all of over the state will travel to Shelby for this intense 24-hour training. “This is only one of two schools in the state where you can get this type of training. We will be using the burn building, tower, Flashover Simulator, and burn pods for hands-on training,” he adds.

Students who are interested in applying or for more information should visit or call 704-669-4193.