Students Named Golden LEAF Scholarship Recipients

(Shelby, NC) – The following students were named Golden LEAF Foundation scholarship winners for the 2014 summer session at Cleveland Community College.


Caleb Beaver, Associate in Arts


Matthew Ange, Fire Academy

Pamela Callahan, Associate Degree Nursing

Michael England, Associate in Arts

Chelsey Ledford, Fire Academy


Emily Ensley, Surgical Technology

Kings Mountain

Mitchell Cloninger, Fire Academy

The Golden LEAF Foundation has provided 7,859 scholarships totaling more than $24 million since 2001 when the Golden LEAF Scholarship Program was created to benefit students from rural North Carolina and their families. Since Golden LEAF’s establishment in 1999, the Foundation has supported projects and programs which have helped transform our state’s economy from one based almost solely on agriculture and traditional manufacturing to a diverse economy consisting increasingly of value-added agriculture, advanced materials, aerospace, and other technology-based industries. The Golden LEAF Scholarship Program is just one of the many ways the Foundation helps to improve our state. The Golden LEAF Foundation believes that a well-educated and highly skilled population will advance the economic well-being of our state economically, culturally and socially. The program provides scholarships of up to $750.00 for curriculum degree seeking students and up to $250.00 for qualified occupational education.


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