Associate Degree Nursing Students Honored at Foothills Nursing Consortium Pinning

SHELBY– Fifty-nine students in the Foothills Nursing Consortium Associate Degree Nursing Program were awarded their pins at a special ceremony recently at Cleveland Community College. The ceremony was held in the Student Activities Center on Thursday, May 8. The consortium is a joint effort between Cleveland, Isothermal, and McDowell community colleges.

Cleveland Community College graduates of the 2014 class are Courtney Greene, Erin Farrington, Trisha Owensby, Linda Martin, Emma Pearson, Brittany Johnson, Jodie Stowe, Dillon Ledford, Danielle Alewine, Susan Holt, Tia Duncan, Emily Lucas, Chelsea Lutz, Kevin Milling, Kati Gallarini, Tessa Brand, and Jessica Huskey.

After marching in to the processional, which was performed by Instructor Lynn Rowland, opening remarks were made by secretary of the graduation class, Ashley Austin, and friends and family were welcomed by CCC President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg. Students Jevon Morris and Linda Morris, co-presidents of the graduating class also addressed the audience. The keynote speaker was Mr. Todd Gilliam-RN and a 2013 Foothills Nursing Consortium graduate.

Penny Cross, dean of Health Sciences at McDowell Technical Community College, presented the nursing awards. The pinning of the graduates was conducted by Director of the consortium Dr. Jeanette Cheshire, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Isothermal Dr. Kathy Ackerman, and Dr. Kelly Jones, the consortium’s assistant director.

Cheshire and Jones also conducted the lighting of the Nightingale lamps and the Nightingale Pledge was led by Foothills Nursing Consortium Instructor Ngina Smith.

The closing prayer was given by Melody Jenkins, treasurer of the graduating class.

For more information on the Foothills Nursing Consortium, contact Cheshire at 704-669-4017.


One comment

  1. you left the names of the entire front row out
    L-R Jennifer Reagan, Krystal Deal, Alexis Pruitt , Carolyn Watts

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