CCC President Named NC Community College President of the Year

Since Dr. Steve Thornburg first joined Cleveland Community College in 1990, he has worked tirelessly to make the College one of the top community colleges in the state. Last week, his 23 years of hard work was recognized when the North Carolina Community College State Board named him the Wells Fargo President of the Year.

Hearing about the announcement, Dr. Thornburg says he is humbled and honored to have been selected out of the 58 community college presidents across North Carolina. “Receiving the award is recognition of the outstanding work our faculty and staff do to serve students and provide for the training needs of area business and industry,” he says.

During his 23 years of tenure as president, Dr. Thornburg has been an integral part of many new programs including automation engineering technology, surgical technology, and biotechnology. These have led to the College’s growth not only in student population, but also in facilities and resources on campus, including the Paksoy Technology Center, the Bailey Allied Health and Science Center, the Brown Emergency Training Center, and the LeGrand Center. CCC Board Chair Hoyt Q. Bailey says Dr. Thornburg works with the faculty and staff and the community to pull people and resources together to move Cleveland County forward. “We are very proud of Dr. Thornburg and his leadership at Cleveland Community College. Our Board of Trustees believes that we have the best community college in North Carolina, and that speaks for itself with regard to my feelings toward Dr. Thornburg’s leadership,” he adds.

Most recently under Dr. Thornburg’s guidance, CCC, leading a consortium of higher education institutions, was awarded more than $23 million as part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program. As with any great leader, Thornburg is quick to point out the work done by others. He says, “CCC’s future is bright because of innovative and creative faculty and staff, like the group that put together our grant application to develop curriculum and industry certifications in the mission critical field.”

Over the years, Thornburg has been just as active in the community as he has on campus by serving on countless boards and serving as chair of many of them. He currently serves as chair of the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership, and has led the Cleveland County Chamber, the United Way, and the Shelby Rotary Club. Dr. Thornburg has also served locally on the Region C Workforce Development Board, the Cleveland County YMCA Board, the Boy Scouts of America Council Executive Board, as well as, Jefferson Elementary School PTA co-president with his wife, Peg.

Prior to joining CCC, Thornburg served as president of Eastern Maine Technical College in Bangor, Maine, for two years. Having grown up in Lincolnton and attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for undergraduate and master’s degrees, and North Carolina State University for his doctoral degree, CCC and Cleveland County were a perfect fit. CCC Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Patsy Rose, couldn’t agree more, “We appreciate all that Dr. Thornburg does to move the CCC’s programs and services to the highest attainable level. We are proud he is our president and are glad to the State Board agrees with us – he is the best!”

Dr. Thornburg resides in Shelby. He is married to Peg and has a son, Michael, who is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


CCC Announces Fall 2013 President’s and Dean’s Lists

Cleveland Community College President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg has announced the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the fall 2013 semester.

To be named to the President’s List, students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and receive a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average. The following students were named to the President’s List (listed by place of residence):


Carpenter, Courtney


Martin, Lorrie

Boiling Springs

Clark, Hillary

Manning, Kathryn


Omondi, Valmore


Benton, Dustin

Fletcher, Ginger

Gurley, Emily

Hudson, Jack


Bickford, Joshua

Clapp, Sarabeth

Gantt, Casey

Gillespie, Christopher

McCracken, David

Myers, Lauren

Oelkers, Robin

Quinn, Paula

Smith, Michael

Young, Andrew


Voyles, Russell


Barrett, Ashley

Hamrick, Geoffrey

Smith, Jerry

Snyder, Rebecca


McKee, Randy

Forest City

Isede, Frank

Johnson, Matthew

Ponce, Yecenia

Thompson, Shane


Roehe, Cory


Roper, Donald

Ross, Kenyetta

Kings Mountain

Boyd, Jeannie

Brown, Benjamin

Buonaiuto, Cassie

Campbell, Richard

Carroll, Ashley

Chapin, Deborah

Childers, Alex

Childers, Jennifer

Clemons, Caitlin

Cloninger, Emily

Davis, Ronald

Ferreira, Joshua

Hollmer, Jennifer

Hullender, Mary

McKinney, Katelynn

Montgomery, Cathy

Parrott, Jack

Proctor, Alyssa

Rutherford, Jessika

Starnes, Eric

Stumbo, Jonie

Vagnozzi, Anna Marie

Wall, Joshua

Waters, Shana

Wyatt, Julia


Goodman, Matthew

Kirkland, Kristen

Kirkland, Matthew

Queen, Todd


Hefner, James

Mill Spring

Odel, Angela


Allison, William

Hudson, Christy

Razzetti, Christi

Sisk, Justin


Adair, Renn

Anthony, Perry

Baugham, Jonathan

Beason, John

Blanton, Larry

Blanton, Shellie

Boggs, Kellie

Bowen, Heather

Bowman, Lori

Brackett, Chuck

Bridges, Weston

Cabaniss, Claire

Carpenter, Curtis

Carroll, Ashley

Cogdell, Mindy

Crow, Joseph

Dedominicis, Nathaniel

Dover, Kenneth

Easler, Robert

Edwards, Amy

Edwards, Kellie

Gaddy, Sharon

Gentry, Sarah

Greene, Angela

Harrill, Christy

Hinojosa, Tina

Howell, Neva

Hoyle, Allan

Humphries, Samantha

Johnson, Savannah

Jones, Brock

Julius, Meaghan

Kennedy, Jason

Laughlin, James

Ledford, Dana

Leslie, Quintin

McBreairty, Joseph

McCraw, Bradley

McEntyre, Kimberly

McGinnis, Kimberly

Mintz, Leslie

Modirzadeh, Malena

Moore, Mary

Morris, Shea

Peeler, Carly

Petty, Alexander

Porter, Justin

Porter, Natalie

Poteat, Victoria

Ramsey, Matthew

Reid, Landon

Rich, Sandra

Roper, Tyler

Ross, Jay

Short, Phillip

Simpson, Sandy

Soltis, Shawn

Thompson, Bryon

Turner, Mikaela

Willis, Jarrett

Wilson, Christopher

Silver Springs

Covington, Patrick

West Jefferson

Walker, Timothy

The following students are named to the Dean’s List. In order to be named to the Dean’s List, a student must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and achieve a Grade Point Average of at least 3.5:


Rogers, James

Boiling Springs

Keebler, Rebekah

Moore, Jennifer


Johnson, Anita

McCurry, Claire


Doster, Kimberly

Elledge, Kelly

Travis, Joseph


Huffstetler, Zachary

Patel, Jaykumar


Anderson, Koren

Birdsall, Susan

King, Lee

Shuford, Kellie


Edenburn, Douglas


Paysour, Nicole


Sarratt, Erin


Barbosa, Kalyn

Ledford, Misty

Williams, Kinsey


Johnson-Kellogg, Aqualyn

Forest City

Littlejohn, Jeffery

Marlow, Nicholas


Harris, Joshua


Adams, Melanie

Denton, Drew

Harrelson, Brittany

Howard, Jessica

Lay, Gastonia

Rimmer, Savannah


Ieronimo, Christopher


Atkinson, Melissa

Chapman, Sherri

Ensley, Emily

Furr, Amanda

Krieger, Kaitlynn

Rollins, David

Talley, Miranda

Ward, Tyler

Kings Mountain

Addison, Deidra

Almond, Hannah

Barnhardt, Zach

Barrick, Kevin

Blanton, Sierra

Boheler, Ciera

Boyd, Ethan

Clark, Anna

Cogdell, Alyssa

Costner, Dennis

Crawford, Sarah

Dobson, Ananasa

Drake, Steven

Duncan, Lloyd

Dye, Madison

Fleming, Laura

Gallarini, Casey

Gardner, Adam

Healy, Kevin

Jones, Lauren

Nichelle, Kelly

Lafitte, Marie

Lay, Chasity

Martin, Katherine

Mitchell, Kathleen

Morgan, Heather

Mote, Tony

Parker, McKenzie

Poole, Clark

Ramey, Kayla

Salter, David

Sprouse, Brandy

Stewart, Brianna

Stumbo, Allison

Tassin, Helen

Walker, Destiny

Wallace, Khadejah

Wingo, Sharon

Wolford, Kevin

Zwick, Leandra


Brooks, Sherman


Armstrong, Cheyenne

Armstrong, Stephanie

Barrett, Kayla

Beaver, Christopher

Childers, Christopher

Earwood, Megan

McCurry, Justin

McMurry, Dylan

McSwain, Mary

Padgett, Jessica

Parker, Amber

Purnell, Rickie

Sain, Charley

Short, Cody

Sowell, Keashli

Streets, Harold

Turner, Crystal


Gates, Jamie

Sepulveda, Anna


Cooper, Jonathan

Hernandez, Juanita

McCraw, Jeremy

Morrow, Anna

Morrow, Matthew

Okon, Emily

Toney, Derek

Watkins, Myrtle


Stowe, Jodie


Alrich, Jeanette

Anderson, Timothy

Arnold, Kelly

Beam, Rex

Beason, John

Blanton, Adeline

Blanton, Jessie

Brown, Diamond

Butler, Shannon

Cain, Spencer

Crawford, Thomas

Dedmon, Avery

Dew, Jenna

Duncan, Devin

Eaker, Lydia

Earwood, Joshua

Ellis, Sarah,

Ensley, Catherine

Gambill, Tanner

Glover, Elizabeth

Grant, Emily

Griffin, Steven

Hambright, Minnie

Hartgrove, Dianna

Hazel, Kristie

Heine, Gerald

Hendrick, Megan

Herring, James

Hipps, Benita

Horn, Sherry

Howe, Sabra

Huffstetler, Christopher

Huffstetler, Melissa

Humphries, Clayton

Hunsinger, Susan

Huskey, Jessica

Hyatt, Tiffany

Jackson, Andrew

Johns, Travis

Jones, Telena

Landers, Mark

Leckie, Jessica

Lowe, Marylene

Marion, Tywaina

Martin, Michele

Mathews, Jennie

McKee, Erica

McSwain, Tyler

Miller, Alyssa

Morris, Justin

Morris, Travis

Moses, cory

Mullinax, Jennifer

Mullins, Julie

Norman, Summer

Parker, Susan

Patel, Jigarkumar

Ramsey, Jennifer

Rios, Brandon

Rowell, Bryon

Rowell, Jessica

Sanders, Shanequal

Scruggs, Valerie

Sharpe, T’shearer

Short, Joshua

Simmons, Alyssa

Sims, Timothy

Smith, Sherry

Stewart, Sabrina

Stroud, Iverson

Suggs, Chelsea

Sutton, Gregory

Triplett, Emily

Valdovinos, Andrea

Werner, Eric

Whicker, Noah

Whitworth, Cathy

Wilson, Chelsea

Wray, Terry


Thompson, Hannah


Brown, Christopher


Weaver, Chelsea


Hambright, John