EMS Volunteer Receives NC Long Leaf Pine Recognition for 50 Years of Service

(Shelby, NC) – David Blando Clary, a fifty-four year member of the Shelby Rescue Squad was recognized for his outstanding continuous service to the community by receiving the North Carolina Order of the Long Leaf Pine during Cleveland Community College’s annual Fire and Rescue Banquet on Saturday, November 9, at the LeGrand Center.

Clary was nominated by Brown Emergency Training Center Coordinator, Jimmy Hensley, and Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, Tommy McNeilly, for being a pioneer in the concept of emergency medical services.

Clary was born in Boiling Springs and has been a volunteer for Shelby Rescue Squad since 1959. He has devoted the greater part of his life volunteering to help those in need and provided emergency care to the ill and injured of Cleveland County and surrounding areas several years before the North Carolina or the nation had EMS legislation in place. During his fifty-plus years of service he has volunteered thousands of hours aiding in emergency response situations.

The Order of the Long Leaf Pine is presented by the Governor to individuals who have a proven record of extraordinary service to state, to their community, and for many years of service to an organization. Supporting the nomination to the Governor were 110th District House Representatives Kelly Hastings, 111th District House Representative, Tim Moore, and NC Senator, Warren Daniel.

Picture included: L-R: CCC EMS Coordinator, Tommy McNeilly; David Blando Clary, NC House Representative, Kelly Hastings; and Brown Emergency Training Center Coordinator, Jimmy Hensley.


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