CCC Pennington-McIntyre Gallery Hosting Artist Sandra Haynes

(Shelby, NC) – The Pennington-McIntyre Gallery at Cleveland Community College is proudly showing works by artist Sandra Haynes January 21 – March 29, 2013. Haynes is a diarist and conceptual artist living in Kings Mountain, NC.  She received her Master Weaver Certificate in 1994 from the Hill Institute in Florence, MA and previously worked as a textile designer in several Western North Carolina textile mills.  She received the Regional Artist Project Grant from the Arts & Science Council in 1997 and won the 2012 Cleveland County Artist Competition.  She has an AAS in Marketing from Cleveland Community College and a BS in Accounting from UNC Charlotte.  Currently, she is working on her BFA in Fibers and Sculpture at UNC Charlotte.


Artist Statement for Sandra Haynes

In the quest to know and understand ourselves the Surrealists took a left turn at Freud’s psycho-analytical signpost, trying to see inside their own heads through their art.  My State of Mind drawings come from much the same impulse except I wanted to depict what I physically see when I close my eyes: the afterimages, the colored mental static, and the fractured shifting patterns.

I was doing these drawings in my diary for many years before deciding to bring them out of that private space.  Outside the diary, I had to examine the drawings to see if, like the Surrealist’s exquisite corpse drawings, I was unconsciously exposing more than just my visual biology.  I may have.

For me, keeping a diary for over thirty years has highlighted the membrane between the private and the public.  Now the permeability of that membrane is increasing rapidly, with and without our consent.  Social media encourages us to share.  Marketing research firms request we fill out surveys.  We wear headphones to listen to music privately and have private phone conversations waiting in line at the checkout counter.  Those phones have cameras, GPS, and internet access so we can show anyone in the world exactly where we are, what we are doing, who we are doing it with, and what we think about it.

The quest to know and understand ourselves hasn’t changed but the new technologies and materials available to us present opportunities to look deeper in, farther out, and record and analyze more data.  The relevant question has become what private things will we allow across that private/public membrane, and how and in what form will we share it because anything shared with one person can be shared with everyone on Earth.  Our lives are becoming open sourced.

All the pieces presented here involve me creating a vessel for an aspect of my private life to travel in as it crosses through that membrane into the public realm.


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