(Shelby, NC) – A pinning ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, for Cleveland Community College students who have completed the Nursing Assistant I and II classes. These students are now eligible to take the competency exam for listing on the North Carolina registry.

Picture 1: CNA 101, Section 811

CNA 1 Front row: Instructor -Karen Milling, RN, BSN; Kaylee Wright, Cassie Stilwell, Chaz Kee

Second row: Ann Marie Howell, Miranda Bridges, Iesha Park, Scott Armstrong

Picture 2: CNA 1, Section 141

CNA 1, Front row: Rachel Raxter, Pamela Coffelt, Amy Gettys, Clarissa Roseboro, Innie Bullock

Row two: Katherine Rush, Megan Haynes, Instructor-Mary Jane Lewis, RN, BS; Katiann Ruck, Ameenih Kee

Row three: Rhodia Hopper, Lisa Cash, Lisa Canipe, Allyson Stahoviak

Row four: Estacey Etheridge, Lori Caulder, Kenya Hicks, Brandy Toney

Picture 3: CNA 1, Section 821

CNA 1, Front row: Instructor -Karen Milling, RN, BSN; Christy Bridwell, Meagan Webb

Row two: Jillian Kegerreis, Laura Bright, Anna Morrow

Row three: Jeongsook Moon, Alexandra Dedmon

Row four: Chris Speicher, Taylor Turner

Picture 4: CNA 101, Section 101

CNA 1, Front row: Instructor-Censythia Whitaker, RN, BS; Yoshanda Moss, Heather Cannon, Kierra Bell

Row two: Casey Cook, Chelsea Frasca, Carolina Bumgarner, Taylor Radford

Row three: Gale Gilbert, Jennifer Parker, Sharmie Bright, Kristen Costner

Row four: Alanna Landers, Kaitlin Jones, Cheyenne Smith, Teri Bowen, Pamela Callahan

Row five: Crystal Edmonson, Madison Garcia, Tommy Russ, Christa Dority

Picture 5: CNA 1, 960 CCP (Crest High School)

CNA 1, Front row: Instructor-Judy Dover, RN, BSN; Blaisey Starnes, Pamela Toms, Kiaunya Crank

Row two: Rachel Lattmore, Alissa Impeduglia, Danielle Frye

Row three: Emily Akon, Paula Atkins, Megan Wray

NP: Stacy Nottage

Picture 6: CNA II, Section 101

CNA II, Front row: Katie Peeler, Kelsey Burns, Isabel Garcia

Row two: Instructor – Censythia Whitaker, RN, BS;  Insley Marion, Michelle Murray, Instructor – Shannon Standish, RN

Row three: Paul Barrett, Catherine Duncan

Picture 7: CNA II, Section 102

CNA II, Front row: Natalie Orozco, Instructor – Doris Dedmon, RN, BSN; Katie Yarbrough

Row two: Andrew Childers, Hollie Jones

Picture 8: CNA II, Section 141

CNA II, Front row: Angela Brown, Deborah King, Kenya Clark

Row two: Amy Champion, Latavia Logan, Mollie Pettis

Row three: Instructor – Mary Jane Lewis, RN, BS


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