CCC Fall 2012 Facebook and Twitter Scholarship Winner Cindy Gold Winner Profile



Cindy Gold


What are you studying at CCC?

I am pursuing an Esthetic Technology Certificate


Why did you choose CCC for your education?

First of all, Cleveland Community College offers an esthetics program and is located within the county. I needed to be near my family and home; plus, it is more affordable than a private college that may offer the same program.


How did you find out you were the scholarship winner?

I saw my name posted on the College’s Facebook page and couldn’t believe. I was not only surprised, but also shocked. I looked at it and read it a second time just to make sure it wasn’t a misprint and that it was really my name. I have always thought if it sounds too good to be true then it usually isbut not this time.


Other interesting facts…

The hardest job I have is being a mom to two beautiful daughters, Amanda, 21 and Amber, 19.  They are so excited about my winning the contest and especially since it was through Facebook that I won. My husband of 26 years and I owned/operated Gold’s Photography for a long time. We started the business 20 years ago when we had our first daughter because my in-laws wanted great pictures of their only grandchild.  When both of my girls started school I began volunteering and working as a substitute teacher at Springmore Elementary School and that has been my home away from home for many years.


This scholarship will help me tremendously and I am so grateful, blessed, and thankful to everyone at CCC for this wonderful gift…I am so excited to begin this new adventure as a college student. 


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